Sunday, July 22, 2012


New Photos (2015)

Older photos (2013)
This built in cage is used to crate our dogs.  This mudroom/sunroom can be used many ways.  The baby gates will not be here when you move in.  The built in dog cage can be negotiable if you would like to use it.

Another view of the very large entry mudroom/sunroom.

This "office" area/shelves will not be here.  It will be an open wall where you can choose to make it part of the living room or partition it off like we did with furniture for an office/desk function.
Living room with many many moving things. We have a sectional couch in here.  Obviously you would have more room if you have a regular couch and some chairs.That television is extremely large.  It is not a flat/plasma TV.  It is the old style HUGE body type of TV. A plasma or flat screen would fit nicely on top of the book shelf or in the same spot as this tv within the bookshelf.  Ours does not fit flush because it is an older TV.

Dining area.  You can see the piano on the left. It will not  be here when you move in. There is space for stool seating at the kitchen counter top in this room.  You can see that we have a bottle stored on a stool here on the left. The built in hutch will be painted white.

My lovely kitchen.  I love this so much.  If you rent...please take care. The bottom left cupboard was slightly open when I took this.  There is an under cabinet garbage can here and if you don't push it all the way in...obviously the door will not sit flush.

There will be a refrigerator  is brand new.  The microwave can be negotiated too.  It is also brand new.  This has a filter and an icemaker! 

A view from the kitchen across the hall into the master bedroom. We have a crib in it along with our bed.
Master bed.  That is a king size bed with a night stand on both sides and a dresser on the left.  The white thing is for when we put our baby on the bed.  A queen or king would fit just fine in this room with space left.

Other side of bedroom looking at closet that has an organizer and many shelves in it.

Hallway leading to 2nd bedroom and bath on the left.

Hallway view standing in the 2nd bedroom doorway. The door to the right is the bathroom and the entry on the right further down is the kitchen.
Entry into bathroom. Notice the towel bar on the left.

Tile shower/bath.  That bath tub is extra deep.  If you are a bath person, you will love this.

Another view of the 2nd bedroom.

2nd Bedroom with a LOT of moving clutter.

2nd bedroom door on the left and entry to the basement straight ahead.  Just to the right past that is the door to the outside that has a deadbolt and a security light.

Stairwell to the basement.

Full Basement Access.  You have the option to keep the washer and brand new dryer for an extra $15.00 a month. 

Large viewing window to the large shaded front yard.

A view out of the living room window.  Very large shaded yard.


  1. Your house is beautiful and would be so nice to rent. I live in Chippewa right now and am looking because my landlord is just not getting some safety issues taken care of at my house. I can only afford $650 for rent, however. Have been paying that for years. Never missed a rent. Have cats, but am very clean. Have one 12 year old daughter and myself. If you get to the point where renting for less is an option, let me know.

  2. Thanks Debi. It was just for rent again but was rented super fast. This house rents extremely fast in comparison to others in the same price range. It's very clean and in a very nice neighborhood. Keep your eye out for rentalhouses .com as that is where I generally will run the ads when it is available. The house may be available next November, you are always welcome to inquire.